my passion is to help people get beyond their current emotional pain, and experience hope for their future.

Marriage & Family


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I am a native of California, achieved an Undergraduate degree from California State University, Long Beach, and a Masters degree in psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from Azusa Pacific University. 

I have a private practice in Monrovia, California where I have been providing therapy to children, couples, individuals, adolescents, and families for many years. I have worked with people suffering from anxiety, depression, chemical and alcohol dependency, sex addiction, co-addicts, parenting issues, domestic violence, and anger management. I also specialize with people who are going through difficult life changes like divorce, death of a loved one, children moving from home, and retirement.

​I believe that psychological healing is a process of learning how our minds and emotions work, combined with learning healthy coping skills to manage our emotions, and changing destructive thought patterns. In addition, psychotherapy can be a spiritual journey. Although there are no guarantees, I have seen the process of psychotherapy heal and provide support for clients during their most painful life experiences. People are often helped by processing painful events, and letting them go. This allows people to feel a new freedom from the past and a chance to move on with their lives with hope.

If you are feeling that your life is out of control, and you need some support right now. Contact me and perhaps we can work together to help you to move on with your life with hope.